Scott Sheaffer


      Hearing might be our most important, yet least acknowledged of the senses. Of modern luxuries, the experience of high quality sound reproduction is, frankly, under represented. This is understandable, as there are many pitfalls to achieving good, much less realistic, sound from recordings. The process of selecting equipment requires guidance and patience. There is generally a significant financial investment involved for worthwhile components, and misinformation abounds. Proper equipment setup in the design and technical domains, particularly with analog, is absolutely necessary for reproduction of a believable musical event. How does one tie these many variables together in a complex system in a way that results in an event, in music ?

     Our focus is to deliver superlative audio performance. This is difficult to engineer - there are no shortcuts to deep sound quality. It takes time and testing in development, among many other factors, and this gets revisited with each component we build. 

 We spend time listening to new ideas. (Materials are particularly fascinating, as one can get lost just listening to audible effects of different materials.) Some components or ideas are better sounding in a particular system, or when used a particular way. Many only sound good until a veil is lifted elsewhere. (Haven't we all been there!) It is important to find and know these differences.

Components, processes, and circuits that result in the most beautiful, revealing, and dynamic playback are a fundamental. Extensive listening is crucial to the development of everything we make.
Our studies are ongoing from chemistry to component, and from circuit to system. There are many variables! The iterative process of listening to different operating conditions, circuit layouts, component values, and materials is how we work. Everything Found Music offers has been exhaustively tested, and lived with in the course of development. Our equipment represents our best findings and uncompromised value for the listener who is finally ready to stop searching.

Found Music is dedicated to
hearing music better.