Tonearm and cartridge alignment...

We specialize in extracting the very best performance that can be obtained from vinyl records. Durand Tonearms, Wave Kinetics turntables, Ortofon cartridges, and Found Music cabling are especially effective for this pursuit.

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     Critical to realizing the phenomenal playback potential of vinyl records is proper geometrical alignment. The scale of a record's groove is minuscule as are the vibrations translated by the stylus. The stylus, whether line contact, elliptical, or conical, must be aligned with a high level of accuracy so that it can glide in the groove without superfluous loads or drag. 
It is a wonder that the medium works at all, much less as well as it does. Modern tools lend us a better understanding of the importance of setup by letting us hear the beauty and inner detail a good setup can deliver.
Setup comes first 
 Proper setup of the mechanical system in vinyl playback is the single most important element in system performance. The penalty in sonics that arises from even slight setup inaccuracies is large indeed, and this situation is generally not improved by upgrades. Whether your vinyl system represents a $1,500 or $150,000 commitment, proper tonearm and cartridge setup is mandatory. This fact persists regardless of equipment brand, construction, or purchase price.

 Most of the finer tonearms have adjustments that allow proper alignments, but with varying degrees of difficulty. (One of the many strengths of the Durand arms is the ease of access and breadth of adjustment control.) In spite of the access we now have to adjustability, a surprising number of analog enthusiasts have never experienced vinyl playback near its potential in their system. 

If you play vinyl, you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits of proper setup and alignment. You may not believe what you have been missing!